Brides of Serendipity


Sarah Richmond takes a bit of history and brings it to life. The plots are entertaining and heartwarming. Fans of romance will enjoy Brides of Serendipity. Five Stars.– by Anne Boling

A memorable book full of wonderful characters, compelling story lines with a ‘taste’ of living and loving in one of the small towns that played a pivotal role in the development of America. —Chrissy Dionne for Romance Junkies

A delightful romance and courtship between Harley Jacobs, a resident of Ragtown, and Dory, a pioneer heading west. Brides is a sweet story with the old west and its culture beautifully illustrated. —Desiree de Cleves at Enchanting Reviews

Ms. Sarah Richmond has done a great job integrating the people of Ragtown into a collection of sweet, easily-read love stories. —Brenda Talley for The Romance Studio

I truly enjoyed this trio of Western tales; my only wish would have been to read another one when they were over. —Mickey for Simply Romance Reviews

From the Author

I’m a big fan of American history, and a trip to Fallon, Nevada inspired this book. Along side the highway is a sign designating the town of Ragtown a historical site– now a ghost town. Once a thriving trading post where the wagon trains stopped to rest after an arduous journey across the Forty Mile desert, Ragtown found its place in the history books.

I hope you enjoy ‘Brides of Serendipity’.

From the Inside Flap

Brides of Serendipity is the story of three courageous women who find love and purpose in a pioneer town called Ragtown.

From the Back Cover

Today Ragtown is a ghost town in Nevada, but in the 1850’s, the town thrived as a stopping off place for the wagon trains before they crossed the Sierra-Nevada Mountains into California.

Dory Watkins arrives in Ragtown in 1854 by wagon train. She finds the love of a good man in the hard scrabble town and discovers her own truth as a pioneer lady.

Lena Carlson and her husband come from the Old Country in 1861 and buy the Mercantile. Lena’s husband dies, leaving her alone and lonely in a foreign land until she meets Henry Barrett, a man searching for his kidnapped daughter. Lena and Henry join forces and find a second chance at love.

Southern Belle Rosy Sherry overcomes her self-doubt and a traditional past to take her place in history as Ragtown’s first school teacher in 1866. When she falls in love with a loner Yankee sheriff, she discovers forgiveness is the only way to heal a broken heart.

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