Running on Empty

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Aspiring off-road racer, Tom Guthrie, is down on his luck when he takes a temporary job as a driver’s ed instructor. Well-heeled New Yorker Elizabeth Claymore arrives in southern California to open a West Coast extension of her successful Manhattan art gallery. The hard-charging business owner discovers Californians do everything in their cars and she hires Tom to teach her how to drive.

Tom decides the only thing Libby can drive is a man crazy. The woman has an opinion on everything, including him. When Libby persuades him to take her to a practice race, Tom gives her the ride she won’t soon forget. Convinced she could use a little fun in her life, Libby decides Tom is the man for her.

Tom’s next race is in the Baja, and Libby knows she can help him win. Tom thinks it’s a bad idea having her on the crew. She can’t handle the down and dirty, and the Baja 500 is not race for amateurs.

Libby won’t take no for an answer, and she’d about to turn Tom’s world of off-road racing upside down.