Mrs. Pratt’s War

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Do you enjoy reading romances set in another time and place? Mrs. Pratt’s War takes place during World War I in rural England.

When Livinia Pratt hears about a wounded officer recovering at the gamekeeper’s cottage of his niece’s estate, she’s as curious as the rest of her neighbors.

Some wounds go deeper than shrapnel.

A career soldier, James is eager to return to the battlefield. He rejects his attraction to the irrepressible Livy. A war is the wrong time to fall in love.

When is it a good time to fall in love?

When James’s pain becomes unmanageable, the local doctor gives him morphine. Livy spends the night at the cottage and nurses James through a difficult night. In his nightmares, he relives his life in the trenches. Even though listening to him is shattering, Livy stays by his side.

Because of that night, Livy’s mother-in-law accuses her of immoral behavior and threatens to take her two youngest girls. Livy won’t let her mother-in-law tear the family apart.

A mother must protect her children.

Livy takes her family to London to visit their grandmamma. Believing the woman is motivated by loneliness, she wants them all to have a good relationship with her. Mother Pratt can’t have her children.

Will the old woman listen?

 James also leaves for London to consult with a surgeon. When James’s surgery goes tragically wrong, he rejects Livy’s help, hating to be a burden, demanding she leave him alone. She retreats in tears.

Livy is at a loss about what to do. The old rules don’t seem to apply anymore. She returns to the hospital and reminds James how love heals all wounds, if only he will let it. Will he listen?

Only when he opens his heart can the real healing begin.