Past Forgetting

A Time Travel Romance

Joanna Blake yearns to live in the present but a time slip keeps her anchored in the past. When she leaves her house, she’s transported to the Edwardian Age. She must trust a perfect stranger with her secret to find the reason for this curse.

Dr. Will Thomas has sworn vengeance against the Blake family who swindled his grandfather, Captain William Thomas, out of a fortune and condemned three generations of his family to poverty. When Joanna confides in Will, he is torn between duty and desire. He’s attracted to the lonely spinster but he has promised his family to right a terrible injustice.

Will convinces Joanna to take him to the past. When she discovers why he wants to time travel, she feels betrayed. Only working together can they find out what really happened so long ago so both of them can return to live in the present.



What a neat story! Past Forgetting isn’t just a paranormal romance; it blurs many genre lines in its crossing. You will find a mystery, human interest, and romance, all springing from the idea of “what if” that sends the reader on their way. This is a book that could be enjoyed by the young as well as the adult reader and, I think, as well appreciated.

The idea behind the book is intriguing and shows original thinking by an imaginative author as she constructs a world with a different view, one in which you will enjoy your visit. The story will pull you along as the very human characters search for a way out of a their dilemma. The descriptive passages contain the mixture of color and light that will enable any reader to picture the passing scenes, the homes, the clothes.

Set in an English country manor, the story takes place in two time zones. The idea behind it is fresh and requires only that the reader suspend any skepticism about time travel for a richly rewarding read.

Joanna Blake and Dr. William Thomas are linked by the present and each is a prisoner of the past. Dr. Thomas comes into Joanna’s life through the intervention of the vicar who tells him that the young woman needs help because she never leaves her house. He takes on the task of curing what he supposes to be agoraphobia and learns the problem is something very different, something beyond his experience.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to read for relaxation and pure enjoyment.

Review by Anne K Edwards, author of Death Comes Knocking, for


Past Forgetting by Sarah Richmond

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Time Travel, Paranormal Romance

RT Rating: Four Stars

The English manor Little Withey Mead has become a prison for Joanna Blake since her grandfathers death three years ago. Staying inside the old house is the only way Joanna can avoid being taken into the past. Shes dealt with the phenomena by researching historic homes, but becomes less and less willing to go outsideand into the past.

The vicar sends Dr. William Thomas to check on her, and she soon tells him her secret reason for never going outside. Hes reluctant to believe her until they hold hands and he too travels back in time.

The genteel people of the Edwardian Era either ignore the time travelers or attack them, so Joanna and Will must study together in order to be less frightened in the closed society of 1906. Trying to discover how to break the spell, Joanna and Will turn to her grandfather, but both of them have issues with this man that must be resolved in the past before they can be free in the present.

Past Forgetting features a fragile woman, a man determined to rescue her and a flawless English country setting. Sarah Gross also adds a bit of intrigue, a jailbreak and an innovative take on changing history or not.

Reviewed By: Gerry Benninger

Review from Romantic Times

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