Rose Adagio

In the gilded age…

In the gilded age of Edwardian England, when wealth and title were the measures of a man, John Darlington, Seventh Earl of Westhaven, schemes to marry a Wainwright heiress. His ancestral home is near bankruptcy because of death duties and only a marriage to wealth will save him.

The issue of a first marriage, the child shuttled off to boarding school and forgotten, Helen Wainwright is a modern woman who supports herself by teaching school. Upon her father’s death, Helen returns to his home to discover her family in turmoil over the earl’s arrival as they seek position and security for two stepsisters.

John must convince Helen that the past is worth preserving and Helen must let go of a past that has rejected her. As the Empire prepares for the coronation of a new monarch, they both learn that life’s greatest gifts are the ones that bring you home.


Reviews for Rose Adagio

Ms. Richmond was able to pull me into the story and let me feel some of the heartache, laughter and joy through the well developed characters in the story. —Kimmy Lane for Romance Reviews Today

Sarah Richmond is an ingenious story teller and I will look forward to reading more from her. —Marlene for Fallen Angels Reviews

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