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Do Be Sensible Miss
Do Be Sensible Miss Wynchcomb

Do Be Sensible Miss Wynchcomb

Always so sensible, Constance Wynchcomb, companion to Lady Caddick-Boyle, has lost her heart to the most gallant of gentlemen. At least, that’s how Evan Galsworthy presents himself.  Click To Buy Here:

Courtin' Dory (Brides of Serendipity Book 1)

Courtin' Dory (Brides of Serendipity Book 1)

A delightful romance and courtship between Harly Jacobs, a resident of Ragtown, and Dory, a pioneer heading west. It is a sweet story with the old west and its culture beautifully illustrated. Click To Buy Here:

Mexican Spur

Mexican Spur

When Kitty Cummings is asked to take in four orphaned children, she’s not sure she’s the mother they need. In her experience, the Nevada territory is no place to raise a family. Click To Buy Here:

A Perilous Proposal

A Perilous Proposal

A foolhardy venture: Dolly Wycliffe, a shop girl, wishes to sue an English peer for the wrongful death of her father. An ambitious wager: Edmund Caruthers bets the old boys at his club he can win the case. Together they uncover a murder-for-hire plot that will rock London society and both risk ridicule and ruin if they expose this most foul deed.

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Where did you get your inspiration for A PERILOUS PROPOSAL?

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What People Are Saying About My Books

Past Forgetting

The idea behind the book is intriguing and shows original thinking by an imaginative author as she constructs a world with a different view, one in which you will enjoy your visit.

The story will pull you along as the very human characters search for a way out of a their dilemma. The descriptive passages contain the mixture of color and light that will enable any reader to picture the passing scenes, the homes, the clothes.

Set in an English country manor, the story takes place in two time zones. The idea behind it is fresh and requires only that the reader suspend any skepticism about time travel for a richly rewarding read.

Joanna Blake and Dr. William Thomas are linked by the present and each is a prisoner of the past. Dr. Thomas comes into Joanna’s life through the intervention of the vicar who tells him that the young woman needs help because she never leaves her house.

He takes on the task of curing what he supposes to be agoraphobia and learns the problem is something very different, something beyond his experience.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to read for relaxation and pure enjoyment.

Anne K Edwards, Author of Death Comes Knocking

Brides of Serendipity: Courtin’ Dory, Barrett’s Law, and Rosy

A delightful romance and courtship between Harley Jacobs, a resident of Ragtown, and Dory, a pioneer heading west. Brides is a sweet story with the old west and its culture beautifully illustrated.
Desiree de Cleves, Enchanting Reviews
Ms. Sarah Richmond has done a great job integrating the people of Ragtown into a collection of sweet, easily-read love stories.
Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio
Sarah Richmond takes a bit of history and brings it to life. The plots are entertaining and heartwarming. Fans of romance will enjoy Brides of Serendipity. Five Stars.
Anne Boling,
A memorable book full of wonderful characters, compelling story lines with a ‘taste’ of living and loving in one of the small towns that played a pivotal role in the development of America.
Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies