Dearest Reader:

I’m so excited to share with you the news that I’ve finished the third book in my social justice trilogy. The working title is: ‘A Wayward Wedding’.

Book One: A Perilous Proposal brings a barrister, Edmund Caruthers, and a shop girl, Dolly Wycliffe, together to find out the cause of an explosion aboard a London ferry that has killed her father. Of course, they are from the opposite sides of town and their friends and family don’t see anything good coming out of their relationship, but the pair manages to overcome all doubt and social convention to form an enduring partnership.

Book Two: A Secret Engagement finds the two lovers fighting injustice when a shop girl is found beaten to death in Mayfair. The jealous Agapantha Hazelton is determined to keep Dolly out of their social circle, and Dolly’s dream to make fashionable ladies’ hats is dashed when Agapantha buys the shop where Dolly works and promptly has Dolly sacked. Edmund’s school chum confides that he had an affair with the dead girl, a confidence Edmund cannot share with Dolly. When she finds out, a chasm of mistrust is created which must be overcome before a wedding date can be set.

Book Three: A Wayward Wedding is a fitting last book for Edmund and Dolly as they plan their wedding. Or perhaps it’s better to say a fitting beginning for a new life together. Their plans are interrupted when the rector of Dolly’s parish church is murdered and Dolly is accused of the crime. The inspector in charge of the case believes he has a motive: Woman are prone to hysteria, according to him, and so aren’t in control of their emotions. In a fit of hysteria, Dolly, it seems, has bashed the rector in the head with a paperweight. The magistrate agrees and Dolly is sent to Holloway prison to await trial. There she meets suffragette Minerva Peele and learns about the fight for justice for women. As their wedding day approaches, Edmund searches frantically for the clergyman’s killer.

I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I have writing them.


Sarah Richmond