Dear Reader:

I’m trying something new. I listed my historical romance, Mrs. Pratt’s War, with Kindle Scout. The pre-published book is offered on their site for review by readers. With an excerpt and other details about Mrs. Pratt’s War, readers can help Kindle Scout decide whether to publish the work——or not.

Mrs. Pratt’s War is set in England during the second year of World War I. I got my idea from visiting the Imperial War Museum in London. The museum put together an exhibit of World War I trench warfare complete with audio of mortars exploding and gunfire.

I wondered: how did soldiers survive this? How did they learn to forget when they went home?

If you’re a fan of romance you know the answer. Giving love and being loved is the start to healing all wounds. If you’d like to read more I’ve included the link to Kindle Scout.


Sarah Richmond

Kindle Scout