Dear Readers,

I’m on my way to London next week to pay a long overdue call on my characters in the House of Caruthers trilogy. The Edwardian era hotel in Mayfair is booked. My bag will soon be packed with warm clothes and an umbrella.

The first two books, A Perilous Proposal and A Secret Engagement are published and I’m ready to write the third book: ‘A Wayward Wedding’.

Dolly Wycliff and my favorite barrister, Edmund Caruthers, have set a date for their wedding at last. I look forward to seeing them walk down the aisle. There will be problems as they plan their wedding day (do wedding plans ever go smoothly?) and a murder in the most unlikely of places to solve. Of course, there will be plenty of misadventures before their happy day arrives.

What else is in store for Book Three? Mrs. Woodward will be there although her millinery shop off Piccadilly is closed. Agapantha Hazleton, the society lady who is such a thorn in Dolly’s side, will get her comeuppance.

I haven’t decided if Edmund’s sister Alice will find romance. She’s put her widow’s weeds away and become a suffragette. What kind of man will have her?

Unfortunately, Herbert and his bride died on their honeymoon as they crossed the Atlantic on the Titanic.

Dolly and Edmund are partners in this new age, and seek justice and equally in a society that is changing. ‘A Wayward Wedding’ will be a triumph over many obstacles as they strive for their happily ever after.



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